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6 Common Kayaking Mistakes You Should Avoid On Your Trips

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Do you want to know Kayaking Mistakes? So, do not move because you’ve come to the right place.

Going on a kayak travel is a unique adventure that will allow you to have a wonderful contact with amazing nature, meet incredible places, including some that you can only access using this versatile boat.

However, when you decide to go on a kayak trip, just like any other type of trip there are factors that you should take into account when planning your trip.

It is very common that sometimes, some details are overlooked and we end up forgetting them completely, but when it comes to kayak adventures these mistakes can be harmful to your health and can even threaten your life and your safety.

On the contrary, if you take the necessary forecasts, you will be prepared for the most unforeseen events and your excursions will be so rewarding that in a short time you will want to repeat them.

6 common Kayaking Mistakes Avoid On Your Trips

Lady paddling the kayak in the calm tropical bay

Adventure alone in kayak

However expert you may be in kayaking, it is always advisable to go on a trip in the company of a group of friends or family.

A common mistake that many people make is to go for a walk totally alone. Although going alone can be relaxing it is a dangerous decision, because in cases of emergency you will not have anyone to help you.

Many expert kayakers consider traveling accompanied as one of the main rules that must be met. This is because many people today are still alive thanks to being accompanied on their excursions.

It is no secret to anyone that kayaking is a water sport, which depends where you practice it can be considered as an extreme sport, which has many risks implicit.

Going with your kayak is the wisest decision you can make.

Forget about sun protection and hydration

In the practice of any sport where you are exposed to the sun, and where the caloric expenditure is high, it is essential to be protected from environmental factors and be well hydrated. Kayak tours are no exception to this important rule.

Being exposed to the sun for so many hours, coupled with the energy demand that kayaking demands, can cause heat loss or dehydration in a matter of minutes. For these reasons, it is essential to always be decorated with a canteen filled with water.

A common mistake is to wait until you are very thirsty to drink water. In these cases, it is advisable to take small sips of water every so often, in order to keep your body hydrated.

Additionally, another mistake made by kayakers, especially beginners is hiking without sun protection and proper clothing. Although sun exposure is necessary to synthesize vitamin D, a prolonged exposure can be harmful to your health and can bring fatal consequences in the short, medium or long term.

Regardless of the date of the year, there are clothes designed to protect you from the sun and climatic factors, and even today there are smart clothes that adapt to both cold and heat.

carry an emergency kit in your kayak

A biggest mistake is to forget the emergency kit. A first aid kit should be a key part of your kayak team, being as important as your rowing or your own equipment.

This kit can save your life in the event of an emergency.

Always remember to keep the first aid kit stocked with medicines and materials that will help you act in case of an accident. Each kit must be adjusted to the needs of the crew and must adapt to the duration of the journey.

It is important to include in this kit instruments such as knife, compass, energy bars, flashlights, flares and anything else that can save your life in an emergency.

And you must also take into account if you have any type of limitation or a party member needs a specific medication. It is especially important in these cases to take extra doses of the medication in case any unforeseen event happens that forces us to spend more hours than planned on the trip.

check weather conditions before travel

Many people when go on a trip often make this biggest mistake, which can lost them their lives. Not justify the weather conditions before traveling on a trip can turn your adventure ride into a tragedy.

It is important to take into account that kayaking, because it is an outdoor water sport which is directly affected by weather conditions.

Therefore, before leaving home, it is not enough to look at the sky to check if it is cloudy or sunny, you must go further and review expert weather reports. This part of the planning will not only avoid inconvenience, but it can save you from a bad time.

Not to mention if you’re going out to sea. In this case it is advisable to check the expected weather conditions and local information about the area where you are going to ship.

Go beyond what you can get

No matter how brave you are it is important that you take into account your abilities and limitations, they will show you how far you can go.

A common mistake is to plan intense runs without having trained enough in advance. This means that when you have to return, your strength may be scarce and you may have a hard time.

When you plan your trip, take into account the time and effort of the trip, so you can go and return safely. And count in this planning not only with you, but with the crew that will be part of the traveling.

Forget the repair bags

Although kayaks are made with resistant materials that adapt to different environments, taking the repair bags can save you a hard time.

You will not be the first person without thinking in the middle of the trip, the kayak breaks down by receiving a blow, but with the repair bag this will only be a small accident that you can solve immediately.

It is also important that you take into account the kayak you are carrying and the waters you are going to cross. For example, it is a bad idea to cross through stony areas in general, but it is even worse if you are boat with an inflatable kayak, since the possibilities of pinching will be extremely high.

Do not wear a lifejacket

No matter how good a swimmer you are, not wearing the life jacket is a big mistake that can cost you dearly. There are different types of vests that adapt to the size of the crew, some even have comfortable pockets that allow you to store small useful accessories, such as a whistle or knife.

The color of the lifeguard should be such that it is easy to notice at sea by any other boat. Make sure to always include the vest as part of your clothing and safety accessories.

Now, these are just some of the mistakes you should avoid on your kayak trips, so you can enjoy this fun activity, safely and not turn your day of riding into a bad experience that you will not forget.

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